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What parents say . . .

What parents say ....

A parent has kindly made this wonderful appeal video for SOS!SEN.


10 February 2020
I just wanted to write to say a massive thank you. X (Surrey) capitulated at the very last moment and gave me everything I wanted within my plan (1:1 dedicated full time TA, specified and quantified ToD and SLT) for X. The judge has issued the consent order and we are no longer heading to the Royal Courts tomorrow.
What a wonderful organisation SOSSEN is and what a difference you have made to me and for my child. Thank you for the amazing workshops - both yours and Eleanor's and the time you took to give me advice on my overly detailed EHCP when I was finding it difficult to see the wood for the trees. I know it's probably not the end of the battles for me and my daughter but I've certainly won this war.
Please pass on my gratitude and admiration for all those at SOSSEN who are doing such wonderful, inspirational work and making such a difference for SEN children. Thank you all so much for caring.



13 March 2020 received by email:


I just wanted to say a massive thank you. We just received the Tribunal outcome for our son X’s Tribunal, and we won, despite the LA bringing a barrister and we were unable to afford legal representation.

I wanted to pass on my thanks particularly to the lovely volunteer who was on last Thursday who reassured me and gave some valuable last minute advice and informed for our Hearing, which was last Friday, but also to all the fantastic volunteers who have given advice all along and helped us win our case.

I’m going to make a donation later to say thank you.


17 March 2020 received by email:

Dear all,

Thank you so much for the abundance of advice all the wonderful kind hearted volunteers have given me, and for providing comfort and support in times of confusion and stress. I will be eternally grateful for the help that SOS!SEN has provided. I would not of been able to navigate the EHCP process without the essential information gained from the workshop I attended and the guidance and support from Marion in particular. After a long battle with Surrey, whilst going through the tribunal and Working Document process, My child has finally been given everything they need in terms of provision, their chosen school, and transport, all at the final hour, and without the need to go to the court for hearing. I plan on giving back to this amazing charity any which way I can, and I will continue to spread the word about the crucial work this charity is doing to help parents fight for the rights of children with SEN.

20 March 2020 received by email:

To: SOS!SEN Online Store

re: Appeals Booklet

Received today, had a quick read over lunch and it looks fantastic! I’m feeling very motivated!
Thanks for sending so quickly. Stay safe and keep well!


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Many parents send letters or emails thanking us for the services that we provide. Whether it's a call to our helpline, a visit to one of our advice centres or a more specialised service like a 1:1, EHCP check, document writing or an interactive workshop.
We are greatly indebted, not only to our growing team of volunteer staff, but also to the professionals who support us and the ongoing support from parents who have been helped by SOS!SEN in the past.

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