SEN Journey: Appealing a Decision

The annual review must take place within 12 months of the last review, or of the date the EHC plan was first issued.  The appeal doesn't impact this happening. It could be an opportunity for some matters to be resolved that you are appealing - and the annual review can and should include elements of the Plan which aren't being appealed and/or can't be appealed, e.g. section E. If the LA issues a new draft amended EHC plan after the annual review, this can be wrapped into the appeal, and you can request to treat the draft amended EHCP as the working document in the current appeal, rather than having to register a new appeal.
This is not the case. Once the final EHCP is issued, parents can appeal content in Sections B (needs) and F (provision) as well as health and social care content.
You don't need to have any legal representation in order to appeal to tribunal. The Tribunal itself is set up to be an accessible way for parents and young people to appeal. Judges and panel are used to parents representing themselves. You can be represented by a representative/advocate or solicitor, if you require.
This is not the case. The option is there to attend mediation, should you wish. But parents are not obligated to attend ahead of appealing. They do need to contact the mediation service in the timescales set out in the decision letter to request a mediation certificate.
A 'way forward' meeting is not part of the statutory process and you are under no obligation to attend this meeting ahead of appealing. This may be the LA policy or process, but there is no requirement under the Code of Practice 2015 for you to attend.
This is not the case. You are not required to attend a mediation meeting before appealing. However, you are required to contact the mediation service and obtain a mediation certificate, before you are able to submit your appeal.  It is your choice whether or not to attend mediation. You will be issued with a certificate whether you attend or not.