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No surprises that we welcome them!  Indeed we do! Running a Helpline and advice centres, going to meetings and Tribunals, providing documents and clerical back-up and updating the website does not come free even though our volunteers help keep costs to a minimum.  There are always expenses.

We are very grateful to the kind and generous people who do donate to SOS!SEN and are always happy to receive more financial support.  It will be wisely spent.

If you would like to donate to SOS!SEN on a regular basis do please contact our Treasurer.

You can make a donation at any time by sending a cheque made payable to SOS Special Educational Needs to:-
Treasurer, SOS!SEN, Fontenay, 11a Creek Road, East Molesey, Surrey. KT8 9BE

Alternatively, you may like to make your donation through the Gift Aid scheme, either as a one off donation or a gift aid donation through past, present and future donations.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government run scheme which allows charities to reclaim a percentage of tax from their donations. If you are a U.K. taxpayer you can opt for a proportion of your paid taxes to be transferred to a charity at no extra cost to you! By clicking on Gift Aid, for every £1 you donate to charity the government will top up that charity’s donations with an extra 25p.

Whether you want to use Gift Aid just this once or whether you want past, present and future donations to be Gift Aided, please fill out the relevant form below to verify your status as a U.K. taxpayer. Currently £1 billion of tax are gifted to the voluntary sector through Gift Aid, however £2.3 billion of donations aren’t being claimed for Gift Aid.

Filling out the form doesn’t take long and the addition of Gift Aid to charities like us, makes a big difference to our funding and allows for donations to go a lot further.  

Please download the forms and send to the address above.

Gift Aid Single Donation Form

Gift Aid Past, Present and Future Donations


You can also donate via PayPal.

Please click the following link:-