Richard Orchard-Rowe,
Chief Executive

Richard joined us in September 2023 with more than 10 years’ experience in the charity sector.

He brings with him a wealth of passion, experience and insight for supporting vulnerable, disabled adults, nurturing life and social skills as a Director of the Disability Inclusion Society. In addition, he has been actively involved in the adoption community, providing training and support to prospective adopter families who are navigating the path of considering adoption.

In his new role as Chief Executive, Richard will continue to shape how we develop and maintain services to support the families and young people that need our help.  He has overall responsibility for both the strategic direction and day-to-day running of the organisation, as well as leading development and funding initiatives to drive the future of the charity, working closely with trustees, SOS!SEN staff and volunteers.

He will continue to promote the role of SOS!SEN in contributing to the debate relating to special educational needs provision for children and young people where possible, particularly following the Government’s Green Paper in March 2022 and the impact that may have on future legislation and responsibilities for local authorities.

Eleanor Wright, Legal Officer

Eleanor is our Legal Officer, with more than 25 years’ education law experience as a SEN solicitor. She joined SOS!SEN in 2015 as Coordinator, coincidentally arriving just after the SEND reforms of 2014 that saw the passing of key legislation in England for children and young people with SEND and the creation of the SEND Code of Practice 2015.

She provides the legal oversight that underpins the support and services we provide, updating staff and volunteers on any changes in legislation and guidance that impacts the support we give. Eleanor delivers monthly training to both new and existing volunteers and is responsible for monitoring and oversight of the work they undertake.

You will often see Eleanor contributing to the regular series of webinars and events for parents and young people, helping to answer questions, and provide legal context to the subject matter.